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Embryo Transfer Catheters

  • Sterile catheter set consisting of a precurved guiding catheter and a smooth transfer catheter with a reinforced metal shaft
  • Both parts incorporate a cm-marking to control the penetration depth
  • Using a slide ring the penetration depth and the direction can be adjusted
  • Ball tip of the guiding catheter secures an atraumatic penetration
  • Catheter in three lengths (150 mm, 190 mm and 230 mm)
  • Medical device

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Puncture needles

  • Needles and sets for follicular puncture
  • Facet bevel
  • Ergonomic hub
  • Echo marking grinded or corroded
  • Medical device
  • Customized sets on request

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Aspiration pump: Aspirator 3

  • Easy handling with electrical pedal
  • Long durability, high reliability and very silent
  • Constant control of negative pressure
  • Overflow protection
  • Medical device

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CO₂ incubators C60 and C200

  • Active sterile humidity for minimizing the contamination risk with a vaporizing module operating at 120 °C and an external water supply container
  • Dual beam infrared sensor for an exact measuring and very short recovery times as all external effects are eliminated
  • Direct heating system with a panel heated interior chamber for a very homogeneous temperature distribution and a dry inner chamber without thermal bridges
  • Medical device
  • Optional LaboDat+ software to show and save the incubator's data

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CO₂ Incubator C201

  • 7'' color touch screen
  • UV decontamination (option)
  • Particle filter (P3) within airflow
  • Display of measured values for 2 h or 24 h (T, CO₂, rH, O₂)
  • Access control via numerical electronic code on touch screen with mechanical emergency lock (option)
  • Access port
  • RS485 or ethernet interface

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CO₂ incubator C16

  • Very compact and space-saving construction
  • Over-all heating from interior and door
  • Dual beam infrared sensor
  • Medical device

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Labo Gas Mixer

  • Provides mixed gas (CO₂, N₂ and atmospheric oxygen) for up to 3 benchtop incubators
  • Individual setting of CO₂ and O₂ concentration
  • Connection of CO₂ and N₂ gas bottles only, O₂ is obtained from ambient air
  • Bypass for mixed gas supply of other external devices:
    Incubation chambers used with microscopes
    External control of CO₂ concentration by use of Labotect InControl

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Labo C-Top

  • Two separate chambers with identical functions; to be used individually (humidity, premixed gas, temperature)
  • Optimized temperature distribution and gas flow
  • Direct heating of top and bottom
  • Optimized gassing with premixed gas
  • Reliable humidity system
  • Convenient glass control panel
  • Very fast heating up and recovery times

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SAFE Sens® pH-Monitoring system

  • Available for our large format incubators C60, C200 and Labo C201 and as integrated system in our benchtop incubator Labo C-Top
  • Continuous, non-invasive, independent monitoring of the pH-value
  • Real time data of the pH-value every minute or every 30 minutes for up to 7 days
  • Accurate measurements: ± 0.05 in a range of pH 7.00 to 7.60 
  • Monitoring of up to 8 chambers or incubators with one TrakStation™
  • TrakPods™ integrated in Labo C-Top, without use of a valuable dish space

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  • Temperature measurement; range: 0 - 100 °C
  • CO₂ measurement; range: 0 - 10 %
  • O₂ measurement with optional sensor; range: 0 - 100 %
  • Real-time data logging
  • Measurement and documentation of multiple incubators
  • Data-download via USB
  • PC software DataVISUAL`09 incl.
  • Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery or mains adapter
  • No separate charging station

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Transport incubators

  • Thermo-Cell-Transporter 3018 for safe and versatile use
  • Cell-Trans 4016 for a secure, mobile and stationary preservation of specimen, culture media etc.

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  • For laboratory and scientific use
  • Hot Plate 062 and A3: small and big hotplate for temperatures between 25 °C and 45 °C
  • Hot Plate 100 for temperatures between 25 °C and 100 °C

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