Gas In-Line-FilterGas In-Line-Filter

Gas In-Line-Filter

The Gas In-Line Filter removes dust and other particles from incoming gas thanks to its activated carbon filter

REF 15238

External unit for effective precision cleaning of gases induced into the incubator


  • Can be used with all cell culture incubators
  • Very small and effective
  • For CO₂, N₂ and mixed gas (max. 21 % O₂)
  • Easy installation
  • Activated carbon filter with polyethylene layer for dust- and particle-free filtration
  • Nearly full removal of organic contaminants from gases


The filter unit includes an activated carbon filter
Due to the additional polyethylene layer the filtration of gases occurs dust- and particle-free
Almost full removal of organic contaminants (oil vapours, odorous substances, aromatic compounds, aldehydes, ketones, pyridines, furans, CHC, and others) from gases
Replacement of the filter unit is recommended every 3 months
For pressures up to 7 bar
For tubing 4 x 6 mm

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